Forlit has been here for 20 years

Our company is very experienced – this is undeniable. In addition to aluminium honeycombs, we have been supplying premium paper honeycombs to many European countries for two decades.

Get to know us better!

While Forlit & Metal, a. s. has “only” been operating since 2013, our sister company, Forlit, a.s., has been producing paper honeycomb panels for more than 20 years and is a leader in the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets in this branch of industry.

The demand for more sophisticated and even stronger materials led us to work with aluminium. In practice, we utilised our experience with and contacts in paper production and quickly reached the top of the range with our selection.

We are constantly trying to update all our practices and invent new, more efficient ones. In 2015, we invested more than CZK 50 million in new technologies.

We are holders of the ISO 9001 quality certificate.