Protective plexiglass screens against coronavirus COVID - 19 in stock

Are you opening a shop or establishment and you are afraid of coronavirus? Solve your concerns with protective plexiglass shields.
Protect yourself and your customers at counters or cash registers.

Coronavirus measures have been released since 27th April. They open smaller shops and other establishments. Nevertheless, security measures still apply. Are you really ready for them? Solve your concerns with protective plexiglass screens.

The obligation to keep 2m spacings in line or to wear a mask for staff and customers still applies. But who knows how long a mask is effective against the virus? Therefore, have plexiglass screens mounted on the counter and take additional protective measures against coronavirus. This will ensure the safety of you, your employees and customers.

Plexiglas screens can also be a safe solution for meeting rooms and offices. If you already have enough online conferences and meetings, meet at the company. Separate the individual seats with a plastic screens and engage in a lively debate.

Where Plexiglas screens can come in handy

  • cash registers
  • counters
  • offices
  • meeting rooms
  • and more ...

And who knows what the arrangements will be after the opening of the restaurant… Be prepared and give your guests a feeling of maximum safety when eating their favorite food and drink on the first day of operation. Prepare tables for them with plexiglass screens.

Choose transparent plexiglass screens as protection against the corona virus COVID-19 in various sizes according to your needs. We have standard dimensions in stock and we hand them over to the carrier immediately after ordering.

Price of protective plexiglass screens
Height (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Price
500 750 5 19 EURO without VAT
750 750 5 34 EURO without VAT
990 650 5 37 EURO without VAT


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